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Re: Sorting not possible in foreign languages when copying materials

Ferdinand Gassauer
- 01/26/2015 10:57:18
On 2015-01-26 15:57, Eva Pinter wrote:

Odoo (Openerp) sorts only the DB field  not what users see.

we have created (production) (development)

to solve this issue for o2m records - the sort is done on the displayed fields

translated fields are extremely difficult to handle - copying using another language than English always results having duplicate in English and other languages and correct terms only in the current language.
we have discussed this issue already multiple times

IMO after coping all translatable fields must pop up to be translated manually or set to the term used in the current language

<blockquote cite="" type="cite">

I have noticed that when you create a copy of an article in a foreign language, the copied text is changed in that foreign language , but the source text stays English. Therefore the source text does not get changed and the sorting seems to not be working in that very foreign language. Example below, I have copied "eva 1" to "1 345" while logged in French and I cannot sort by the name in French.

Has anyone noticed it. If yes, how did you solve the problem?

Eva P.
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Eva P.

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