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Products that fail QA

Libertus Solutions, Alan Bell
- 01/26/2015 04:22:14
Hi all,

using warehouse with routes I set up a warehouse with a 3 step receive 
process, unload then quality control then into stock. This works great 
for conforming products, I can receive the goods, transfer them to QA, 
then transfer to stock and I can split that final transfer to put them 
on the correct shelf location within stock. What I don't really 
understand is how to fail something in the QA area. These are goods that 
we have received from the carrier (we didn't reject the consignment at 
the loading bay because the boxes were intact) but we are not going to 
put it into stock as it failed our test, we want to send it back to the 
supplier. If I create a scrap location in the warehouse the system seems 
to treat it as stock that is on-hand. In fact, stock that is in QA is 
treated as stock on-hand, which seems wrong to me - anyone disagree with 

How should returns be handled? I can see how rejecting at the loading 
bay can work, you receive less than expected and the rest is 
back-ordered. I don't get how returns after receipt should work.