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Re: Accounting Roadmap V9

- 01/24/2015 20:09:36

I agree with Eric. This is also common in Indonesia.

We create invoice for prepayment with its own sequences. Receivable / payables created from this invoices is a counterpart of  the obligation to make a pre-payment, not to the delivery.

Once this pre-payment is paid then we could proceed the delivery. After that we create the final invoice, reconcile it with pre-payment account.

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On Jan 23, 2015 9:07 PM, "Caudal Eric" <> wrote:
This is quite common in China.
We have created a simple module account_prepayment that allows you to have a second set of AR/AP account for prepayments.
Then you just have to create a supplier/customer payment, introduce the quantity and check the box prepayment (without allocating the quantity to any existing line) =>it will generate the accounting entry:
for customer
DR Bank (from Payment method chosen in customer payment)
CR Customer Prepayment

for supplier
DR Supplier deposit
CR Bank (from Payment method chosen in customer payment)

Process is as followed:
1. Supplier payment with prepayment account when the supplier deposit is done
2. goods are delivered
3. invoice is created/validated based on delivery
4. supplier payment is created and the prepayment can be reconciled with the invoice (along with other payment)

Besides, having the double set of accounts allows you to have the customer deposit as a liability and supplier deposit as an asset...

2015-01-23 21:53 GMT+08:00 Gustavo Marino <>:
In ARG for a similar problem, we produce an invoice on a service product on advance payment. This invoice is payed used the normal payment methods. It generates a debt to the customer
After real delivery, the prepayment invoice is canceled, and thus it generates a credit for the customer. The delivery invoice is processed normally, and the credit got on prepayment invoice cancellation is used to cancel partial or completely the final invoice. If necessary, additional payments are used
In this way, VAT could be used on prepayment invoice (even if it is rated diferent between services and the final products), the debt before delivery is correctly reflected in accounting, and there is no restriction on the amounts used.

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2015-01-23 10:40 GMT-03:00 Davide Corio <>:
On 23/01/15 14:32, Denis Karataev wrote:
> Hi Davide,
> 1. we need to send Invoice report to the customer, but we don't need to
> create any accounting entries at this moment, because we can create
> accounting entries only dependent on delivery
> 2. we need to get payment from customer and to track the status of Sale
> Order (payed or not payed)
> 3. when this order is payed, we can create Deliveries, one or more
> 4. Invoices (and accounting entries) are created depended on deliveries
> 5. we recouncile the payment from step 2 to Invoices created on step 4

Not exactly the same workflow, but very similar to the one we're used to 

And no...we don't have a solution for that at the moment unfortunately

Davide Corio

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