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Re: Accounting Roadmap V9

Denis Karataev
- 01/23/2015 08:49:40
For us the problem here is also that we cannot send Invoice without number, but pro-forma Invoice doesn't have any number.

2015-01-23 16:48 GMT+03:00 Davide Corio <>:
On 23/01/15 14:41, Anders Wallenquist wrote:
> In sweden we have two types of invoice accounting, for companies of type
> K1 or K2 (small companies) you does not create any accounting before the
> invoices are paid. There are no (legally) accounts receivable or tax
> debt before the company has recieved their money (account receivable and
> tax debt are just calculated at year end). For companies of type K2 - K4
> (other companies, small K2-companies has the choice) the rules are like
> standard Odoo behavoir.

It's what happens here in Italy for freelancers and other categories.
They issue proforma invoices at first.
Once they receive the payment you promote that proforma invoice to 
official invoice.

A proforma invoice does not create account receivables.

The only problem with Odoo is that you cannot make advance payments 
against an invoice untill it's in the open state.

Davide Corio

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