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Re: Accounting Roadmap V9

Anders Wallenquist
- 01/23/2015 08:39:59
Den 2015-01-23 12:37, Denis Karataev skrev:
> Hello everyone, I'd like to put my 2 cents here.
> In Russia we have different system of adding accounting entries than 
> we can see now in Odoo v8. In Odoo when we create and validate an 
> Invoice, accounting entries are added.
> If to talk about prepayment workflow, in Odoo we need to do following 
> steps:
> 1. create Invoice
> 2. validate Invoice
> 3. send Invoice by email / fax to the customer
> 4. add customer's payment
> 5. transfer products using Delivery Order
> But in Russia it's different. We can't create and validate Invoice 
> first because in our accounting law these accounting entries have to 
> be added only based on delivery. And even more, we don't have 
> different documents for accounting and stock management. We use just 
> one document named "selling" that affects accounting and stock entries 
> both when it's done.
> Do any of you have similar things in accounting of your country? And 
> what community could recommend in that case? And maybe we should 
> include these requirements to the Roadmap?

In sweden we have two types of invoice accounting, for companies of type 
K1 or K2 (small companies) you does not create any accounting before the 
invoices are paid. There are no (legally) accounts receivable or tax 
debt before the company has recieved their money (account receivable and 
tax debt are just calculated at year end). For companies of type K2 - K4 
(other companies, small K2-companies has the choice) the rules are like 
standard Odoo behavoir.