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Stats POS and Sales

- 01/23/2015 04:45:55

I was wondering how do you guys handle the stats for the Points of Sales ?

From what I understand, the sales figures of the Point of Sale are not taken into account in the "Sales report" but only in the "POS report" unless an invoice has been generated.

Then how do you compare sales figures of the customers of the POS and customers who received an invoice ?

My problem: at the begining of the year we didn't use the POS. We started using the Pos in November and thus all the orders made through the POS after november are not showing in the sales figures of our customer.

Solution 1: generate an invoice after each closing of a POS session

Solution 2: Create a new Report cumulating the sales figures of the POS and the invoice.

What solution would you go to ? How are you handling this problem ?


Aymeric Fournier