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Re: [Web] Week Scale of Gantt View

- 01/22/2015 01:51:13
Hi Gunnar,

On 22/01/2015 02:02, Gunnar Wagner wrote:
> @Quentin: great that there is an improvement for the gantt view. Out of
> the box it is just completely useless. Also I have seen you have some
> more Modules that are adding functionality to project management. That
> is great.

The 'gantt_improvement' module has been made in the same time as other 
project specific modules. So, maybe it requires some adjustments to 
match with MRP requirements. Feel free to contribute :)

> It looks like your 'master; is made for odoo 8.0 and you'll have to
> comment out some lines to make it workable for 7.0.
> Have you ever considered to adjust your branching to the commonly used
> scheme for odoo/OE (which is a little different then what the standard
> github conventions [where 'master' always is a the actual working version] )
>      7.0    working OpenERP 7.0 version
>      8.0    working odoo 8.0 version
>      master    development branch
> I think like this your module would 'blend in' with the odoo ecosystem a
> little better.

Following your remark, I reorganized our branches on the project. Can 
you tell me if it's now better for you ?

Best regards,


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