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How are you organized?

- 01/21/2015 21:43:03
I have been tinkering around with OpenErp/Odoo for a while and I can clearly see the potential of the software and the product all of you are creating. I have made a few freelance implementations and am thinking of building a business around Odoo. Before I start I want to hear the partners and community experiences beforehand. I would appreciate it a lot if  you could give me some tips, feedback and clear a few doubts I have of taking the leap full time with Odoo. 

How are you organized? 
How do you approach the business, as a consulting/service business or as a software reseller?
How many people do you work with?
Is Odoo responsive and helpful as a company?
Is this community helpful?
Are you making money or more importantly are you profitable as partners?
What types of companies should I target mostly?
How much time do you take on an implementation?
How much of the implementation is technical and how much is functional?
I would be more on the development part and less on the selling so if I were to hire people what qualifications and profiles should I be looking for in an employees? (coders, non technical salespeople, consultants)

The bottom line is I want to know what works for you and how should I setup the organization around me?

Feel free to give me suggestions and hopefully in the near future I will be a bigger contributor to this community.

Thanks in advance,
Kevin W.