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Re: Module to find the supplier of a product sold.

- 01/20/2015 11:27:47
On 20/01/2015 17:22, Yanina Aular wrote:
> Hi I have a problem, I would like your help.
> 1. I made a purchase order for 100 kg of strawberries to Supplier_1.
> 2. I made a purchase order for 50 kilograms of strawberries to Supplier_2.
> 3. I make a sale order for 2 kg of strawberries to Customer.
> I need to know in my Sales Order, the supplier of the 2kg of
> strawberries sold. If Supplier_1 or Supplier_2.

You have to identify in your stock which products come from which 
supplier. To do that without extra module, you can use product lots by 
creating a lot per product/supplier.

Then, when you deliver products to your customer, you will have to set 
the good product lot, so the good supplier.

If you need this information on the sale order, you have to develop a 
module that allows you to select a product lot into the available 
product lots on your warehouse.



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