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Claim on CLAIMS

Elmatica AS, Luis Alberto Panozzo
- 01/19/2015 10:19:48
We are considering using Odoo (V8) Claims module within our upcoming CRM implementation.
The issue I find is that there seems to be no documentation available.

First I checked in Stephen Mack's comprehensive list of documentation sources ( )

Then, our implementation partner asked their Account Manager who answered promptly saying THERE IS NO FUNCTIONAL DOCUMENTATION.
Coming from the horse's mouth, I guess there is nothing else to do but to revert to the Community to see if any of you have any guidance about the functionality and coverage of the Claims module. ISO and other standards compliance, if any, comes as a bonus.

Along the same line I have seen what promises to be a valid alternative in a community module (Non Conformities) but, alas, it is still in 7.0 and the owners informed me that they did not have a date for V8 yet, although work was underway.

Mind you, we do not need RMA functionality (at this stage, at least).

Thank you for any pointer.

Luis Panozzo (Lp)
Technology Manager
Elmatica AS
Skype: luispanozzo