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multiple analytic plans is broken?

- 01/19/2015 05:19:42
hey, all.

it seemed that multiple analytic plans is broken. i running latest
odoo 8.0 and have create a analytic plan called plan2  at first.  in
the form of plan, have create two line 1. axis name is project a which
under view project 1, and has min 50% max 100%, 2. axis name is
project b which under view project 2, and has min 50% max 100%.

when i click the Distribution Models  from more drop down menu, it
bring me to the distribution models list, but not filtered with the
chosen plan2, as it should only show the models related with plan2.
this is the first issue.

when i click the create button, the instance line is blank, as
expected, it should filled the instance line with the data copy from
plan. this is the second issue.

that is my concern.

any feedback should be appreciated.

Jeffery        -kunshan