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Re: Migration from V7 to V8

XPANSA, Oleg Kuryan - Chief Technical Officer, Xpansa Group
- 01/19/2015 04:06:27
Hi Bharat,

It is not really easy process and consist of 3 parts:
1) Migrate your custom module from Odoo 7 to Odoo 8. Obviously you need to make sure to analyze what have changed in Odoo 7 and Odoo 8. Estimation for this process usually depends on how complex your custom modules are
2) Use OpenUpgrade framework to do upgrade of database and migrate of data. Note that it has still some bugs that will need to be corrected. Depending on quantity of data it may take different amount of hours, but you cannot expect less than 20-30 hours of effort unless you have done that multiple times previously. There will be a lot of things to correct
3) Pay additional attention to migration of reports and warehouse modules/data. You need to check them carefully after migration.


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On Mon, Jan 19, 2015 at 11:53 AM, Bharat Devnani <> wrote:
Dear Experts,

We are in a process to migrate odoo 7.0 instance to odoo 8.0 with some custom modules. 

So i would like to take your expert opinion to execute this process. Hope to hear from you guys soon.


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