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RE: Migration from V7 to V8

PT. Falinwa Indonesia Jaya, Hans
- 01/19/2015 04:03:20

First you must have Odoo enterprise contract to migrate your database to v8,

Or If you want to migrate by your own, you can use openupgrade, but it will be hard to do that.


For costume module, you need to change some code, to match the version 8 rule.

For the example:


from osv import fields, osv


From openerp.osv import fields, orm


Another important one is to match the view structure to the version 8 view,

because some view structure is change or there’s no exist anymore(I don’t know why they remove some functionality.)


And you must test it to test the behavior of your module is worked as before or not.


And finally you must stop any development/ changing a lot of configuration when you are in migration process because it will delay you in migration process.

Normally if there’s  no custom module, the upgrade process is very fast just less than 1 week.

But if we have custom module, the migration process will be more than 1 month,

And if we do a development/changing a lot of configuration and implemented it to the database, they will ask us to wait 1 month again to redo the process of migration.


This is based from our experience.



Thank You.


Best Regards,

Hans Yonathan

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From: Bharat Devnani []
Sent: Monday, January 19, 2015 4:53 PM
To: Community
Subject: Migration from V7 to V8


Dear Experts,


We are in a process to migrate odoo 7.0 instance to odoo 8.0 with some custom modules. 


So i would like to take your expert opinion to execute this process. Hope to hear from you guys soon.




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