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Re: Multi-Dimention Account Posting in an account_move_line, Possible?

Fabien Pinckaers
- 01/17/2015 13:07:15

You may have missed features of the module. (It's not an easy module as it requires configuration) You have to configure plans structure and link them in the journal, if I remember well.

It allows to split an invoice line of 100€ into:

- Projects:
      Customer X \ Project Y: 100€
- Funding:
      Fund A: 60€
      Fund B: 40€

It all depends on how you configure plans for the related journal. Number of plans are unlimited, as well as hierarchies.

If someone understand how to make it works, it would be great to create a question and answer on:



On Jan 17, 2015 6:53 PM, "Kitti U." <> wrote:
Hello Fabian,

I have look into account_analytic_plans thoroughly. Although I admit that it is a smart and very generic way to distribute a move line with multiple Analytic Accounts, and will work for many cases. Yet, I also agree with others. 

What most of us want is something different. In the PO / INV Lines itself, we need to select another dimension directly in the line which might be another kind of master data, much like partner or products. For example, Sales Region, Campaign.

In other SAP(or even Compiere/Adempiere), for example, they might prepare up to 6 dimension, and allow us to tie it to our master data of choice, like, Sales Region, Business Area, Campaign, Project, etc. These dimension will account into Accounting Combination when posting. (i.e., HQ-12110-_-_-_-_).

In account_analytic_plans, I try to think of using it also, but really can't imaging how user can use it easily. Also not to mentioned that we will have to make every dimension we want as analytic account.

Kind Regards,
Kitti U.

Additional Notice: Odoo is a great product, and we love it in many many ways. But when come to accounting, somehow we always have trouble. Although we already try to adjust our thinking to the modern way of Odoo. But some aspect of accounting engine just not solid enough comparing to other ERP (for accounting aspect). Example like, deleting all journal entries when cancelling invoice, just not bearable for auditing standpoint of large companies, etc...

On Sun, Jan 18, 2015 at 12:35 AM, Daniel Stolovich <> wrote:
Hi Fabien,

First thing we did was analyze that module you recommend, but the way it works, requires to enter several rows and you can't mix easily several dimensions, for instance: assign an amount for a specific cost center AND a project at the same time...

We think  the approach should be in columns not rows, do you that will be addressed in v9?

El 17/1/2015, a las 14:27, Fabien Pinckaers <> escribió:

> I understand that the requirement refers to combine several dimensions
> in the same line, in my experience with Oracle and SAP ERPs, is very
> useful for a lot of companies, in certain cases valid combinations among
> dimensions can be defined to validate input.
> We are having same limitations and thinking in create a specific module
> to support that. Impact is large, affects transaction input, posting
> process, report filters and info.

As explained just before, please don't develop a module. It already
exists in standard: account_analytic_plans. It allows to define multiple
dimensions, models of how to spread entries, constraints per journal.

>> Install the official module account_analytic_plans, it allows to
>> define multiple dimensions/plans
>> On Jan 16, 2015 11:58 PM, "Kitti U." <
>> <>> wrote:
>>     Dear community,
>>     Normally in Odoo, we can have one additional *Analytic Account
>>     column* for projects or contract, when do the account posting, right?
>>     *QUESTION: *Are there addons or ways to have *Multiple Analytic
>>     Accounts posting* in an account_move_line? 
>>     In other ERP, it is called Accounting Dimensions, where you can
>>     define dimension like, Projects, Departments, Sales Person, etc.
>>     but I couldn't find such concept in Odoo.
>>     I am not talking about Analytic Account Distribution
>>     (account_analytic_plan), which seem to only make sub table to
>>     define the percentage distribution of each project in a plan.
>>     Many thanks,
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