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Usability improvement considerations

OpenERP Master
- 01/12/2015 12:51:17

Having used multiple ERP systems there are 2 features I have in mind that I think could really improve the usability of the system.

1. Global search.
The ability to type a sales order/delivery order in a search bar that exists globally and can bring up objects from any view/window.

2. Right Click link open in new window
If I right click on a link then click open in a new window it does not take me to the link, but instead takes me to the default page.

These 2 things would contribute greatly and have been pain points. There are so many times when you are looking at a sales order, or a delivery order and you need to know more details about the product. Clicking on it navigates you away from the sales order/delivery order. You can click back, but it just adds more clicks. if a user could open in a new tab, they could close when they are finished.

3. Missing links/references
Certain objects have no linkage back to the origin.
If i'm on an invoice, I might want to learn more details about the sales order. I should be able to open the sales order in a new tab or view the sales order from the invoice. Other examples are voucher, etc. Many parts throughout the system.

Looking for comments, feedback