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translation - logical problem

gunnar wagner
- 01/09/2015 00:01:35
I am using the Chinese chart of accounts (l10n_cn) on an English odoo v8.
My problem all terms are in Chinese characters. So I want to make an English translation of it.

logical problem. The base language of this Module is Chinese (and not English as the rest of odoo).
How should I call my translation? Can I just make something up? Of course it needs to be a solution that will be accepted by the odoo maintainers because they need to accept my PR in the end
I hope that the instance that has accepted this language 'violation' in the first place has a guideline how to handle this predicament.

Maybe the cleanest Solution would be to replace the Chinese terms in the base language and add them in a chinese .po translation. ... the more I think about this ... I think that's the way to go


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