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Multi packing slip template dynamic based on data in single report idea

OpenERP Master
- 01/08/2015 21:57:43

My client sells to many different channels like Home Depot, Living Social, Groupon, etc. Each of these vendors requires their own packing slip design. The vendors actually take the packing slip very seriously, but to me it's so annoying because I don't want to spend all day writing packing slip designs.

Anyway, I want to print a packing slip depending on a custom field called department. The field basically just says what order channel the order came from.

The business user would filter and select from a tree view the delivery orders to ship. I need a different template to be used depending on the department custom field. If its Home Depot, using packing design A, if its Groupon use Design B.

In the end the user would be returned a single PDF with multiple packing slips and mixed order channels.

Could anyone describe if this is possible? I don't have an idea. Even if they select a vendor at one time, I want them to just use one report that will detect the template needed based on the data. I could make this work with an action, but this would only work if they printed only one vendor at a time. It would be really cool if it would work dynamically.

I am looking for a description of how this could work.