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Re: Inventory valuation?

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- 01/06/2015 21:50:18

I know about the report located on the reporting menu, thanks ;) That's what I was referring to when I made the original post but I can see that wasn't disclosed clearly. On a note for functional training, thought that was a little of a low blow to a fellow developer.

I admit, I did not know you could export to excel from the graph view, thanks for the clear instructions. I think that's bizarre you would have to click on a graph view to export the report. All that said, seriously I think the built in reporting functionality is not good and won't work for a lot of product based businesses.

This report is static and can't easily add or remove information output to report from a business user standpoint.
It's slow. It can be very slow depending on your data, but to be fair other competitor can be slow in reporting especially, but this is because its computing stock while other system can retrieve its value quickly for reporting. That's a different issue. I had to adjust the timeout of my nginx proxy just to get it to run.

I really encourage anyone to look at standard enterprise reports that businesses ask for, Narayana makes a good point and I agree, the built in reports aren't useful. It doesn't even show product cost. Perhaps there is some functional way that this can be achieved I am not aware of, I see I already missed the mark on that a little.

Take a look at this example from Netsuite. There is no fixed unchangeable report. A user can create any report they want for inventory. All they do is select criteria on one tab Like location, etc, then the fields they want to show in the report on the results tab. Takes only seconds, and no custom development required. If this software is to take it to the next level, it has to have "enterprise reporting" features. This would significantly reduce developer headache over missing reporting features and increase user acceptance.

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On Tue, Jan 6, 2015 at 7:02 PM, Nhomar Hernández <> wrote:

2015-01-06 18:07 GMT-06:00 Ana Juaristi <>:
About excel inventory exporting and importing I see a relly very usefull functionality.

This is estandard also in almost all views on reports.

In graph view you can export it to Excel.:

I think exactly as Ana, test proffesional services to avoid noise :-(

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Nhomar Hernandez

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