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Re: Picking List Report - product description

OpenERP Master
- 01/06/2015 17:02:16

On Tue, Jan 6, 2015 at 3:52 PM, Steve Brown <> wrote:

We are currently underway and mostly in production with an Odoo 8 installation but I’m struggling with editing the picking list report to include the product descriptions within the items.

Ideally I was hoping to find a similar field to the product id or quantity but this doesn’t seem to exist


<span t-field="pack_operation.product_id”/> is currently used for the product name, it would be great to have something similar to:
<span t-field="pack_operation.product_description"/>

I know this doesn’t exist within the model but I’m at a loss at how to add it.

Any help would be appreciated having torn my hair out for most of the day trying to resolve this

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Steve Brown

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