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RE: Inventory valuation?

Luc De Meyer
- 01/06/2015 15:44:37

We are about to finish a module doing this (on V8) with two components

1)      Export in XLS per product & location

2)      You can update this XLS and reimport it as a new inventory


We’ll submit this work to OCA soon hence you’ll be able to test.




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Sent: dinsdag 6 januari 2015 19:33
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Subject: Inventory valuation?


Is it possible to get a print out/csv export/excel file of the current onhand by location? I didn't see any way to achieve this. I was only able to find a way to tell the current value of each product with a total and no way to export.

I was also not able to show the cost, or add any fields/remove any fields. Very basic reporting functionality.

Any thoughts?

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