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Re: Analytical Account

Ahmed Shaaban
- 01/06/2015 07:39:52

Hi Emad,,,,

According to my understanding, you should create accounting purchase journal, then create analytical purchase journal and linked it to the previous, and when you enter the daily journal (purchase), choose the an analytical account according to your need.....I think, it will work fine.

Waiting your feedback dear :)

Ahmed shaaban
Odoo functional consultant

On 6 Jan 2015 14:27, "Emad Gamal Naguib" <> wrote:

Hi Experts ,


Could you help me to understand analytic accounts concepts . as my experience the analytic accounts (or cost accounts) are indispensable tools for managing my operations well

And I worked it as accost center to carry out all expenses on it to generate details report for expenses .

but I have got serious problem which is why display the below cost leger report as below .

1.    I have created a purchase document on analytic account [The analytic account carried out by Debit Value ] as follow

                 Dr.  EXP  2000 EGP        Analytical Account     x001  

                      CR.Vendor    2000

2.    When print the cost leger report of analytic account I found that it carried out credit on analytical account] .

Name          Debit    Credit

X001                             2000



Emad Gamal      

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