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Analytical Account

- 01/06/2015 07:21:22

Hi Experts ,


Could you help me to understand analytic accounts concepts . as my experience the analytic accounts (or cost accounts) are indispensable tools for managing my operations well

And I worked it as accost center to carry out all expenses on it to generate details report for expenses .

but I have got serious problem which is why display the below cost leger report as below .

1.    I have created a purchase document on analytic account [The analytic account carried out by Debit Value ] as follow

                 Dr.  EXP  2000 EGP        Analytical Account     x001  

                      CR.Vendor    2000

2.    When print the cost leger report of analytic account I found that it carried out credit on analytical account] .

Name          Debit    Credit

X001                             2000



Emad Gamal