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Cannot remove a database from web client or terminal

- 01/06/2015 04:35:44

Hi community ,

I'm using openerp 7.0 and I was trying to remove a old database created long time ago through the user database. An error message popped out:

"Drop Database

Could not drop database !"


And when trying to drop it via terminal:

"dropdb:  database removal failed:   ERROR:  database "testdb" does not exist"


List out all the databases in postgresql and get a mysterious "+" sign before the database name which jumps to the next line instead:

                                        List of databases

     Name    |    Owner     |   Encoding  |        Collate      |        Ctype        |  Access privileges

-------------+--------------+---- ---------+-----------------+------------------+-----------------------------

                + |   openerp   |  UTF8         |  en_US.UTF-8  | en_US.UTF-8  |


database1    |   openerp   |  UTF8         |  en_US.UTF-8  | en_US.UTF-8  |

database2    |   openerp   |  UTF8         |  en_US.UTF-8  | en_US.UTF-8  |


I guess this is the reason why I can't access this database and any idea how to solve it?  I can still see it in the drop-down menu in the login screen but couldn't use it.