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Odoo good for online shop website?

yu par maw
- 01/05/2015 22:11:59
Hi All,
Happy New Year! Sorry to spam your email with my question. I need your advice based on your experience with Odoo.
I am working to setup an online shop. I am not sure odoo is the right platform to setup my online shop. I am IT professional but no prior experience in Python. I had setup odoo from scratch and get it working but not sure how complex it will be to maintain as a platform for my business. I am also not very sure about Odoo's complexity to integrate with payment systems. I had tried setting up in the Odoo hosting service provider as well.
If you have been there and done that, pls advice me in terms of functionality, technical complexity to maintain/customise, cost of operation. Or would you choose not to use Odoo if you have second chance?
Thanks and best regards,
Yu Par