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discussion on make to order changes in v8

OpenERP Master
- 01/05/2015 15:48:52

My2cents is that the way make to order routes is handled in v8 is a little silly, well stupid. Make to Order is a core functionality in this software, however it is initialized in the database as a record that can be easily deleted by a user. Certain functions in modules DEPEND on that record having an exact value. By allowing the records deleting, any administrator could corrupt the systems core functionality.

There is an obvious point to be made by someone simply to not delete it, but I don't agree that this should even be possible. I like the concept of being able to create routes, but IMO if you hard code a value in any module, therefore, it should NOT be able to be removed.


Also, the system tries to "figure out" if something is make to order in different ways.

Example again:

And in sale stock:

This not to mention that product_obj variable is declared twice. I think this is really sloppy work, my opinion only.