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Re: Manufacturing master data: Routing to a BOM

- 01/05/2015 08:03:42
My opinion is that both should be available.
So not change the functionality, but ADD the functionality to do it the other way around.
Peter van Montfort
Senior Consultant

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Van: "Eva Pinter" <>
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Verzonden: 4-1-2015 16:21:46
Onderwerp: Manufacturing master data: Routing to a BOM
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I have noticed that in manufacturing, there is a field routing, allowing to assign one specific routing to a BOM.

In my experience, the contrary is the norm. Meaning, you either change the BOM than the operations. So, maybe there should be another object like a manufacturing version that combines Routing and BOM and would allow the user to choose only one element when creating the manufacturing order.

Thanks for a feedback

Eva P.

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