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Re: Per-field permissions

Ludwik Trammer
- 01/05/2015 05:29:22
I think I have something that may help you at least for this point:
"Something similar to the "groups" attribute, but limited to the "write" permissions."

Actually I've made a custom module named "readonly_field_groups"
This module allows to manage a special attribute like "groups" but in order to manage "readonly" feature

You can find it here


I had a quick look at the code and it seems to me that this only deals with the view, without changing the underlying model permissions (i.e. it is still possible for the user to modify the field, for example using the Web Service API). Am I mistaken?

This would still be useful, but I need the underlying permissions to be set up correctly first and foremost.

The funny thing is some time ago I actually created a tiny module that protect selected fields for being modified by users that are not in certain groups / doesn't meet certain rules. It works on an underlying model level, without changing the view, so it could actually be used in conjunction with your module (although unfortunately is uses a completely different method for specifying the permissions). You can find it here: