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Re: New Pricing Structure.

Elmatica AS, Luis Alberto Panozzo
- 01/02/2015 11:17:10
I do not see a flaw in the line of reasoning except that if you need tailoring -coding, not configuration- the SaaS option does not really apply. Or is it me who is missing something here?
Even going for the example shown in the advert (2600€ per annum) it is a great buy.
And if you have a US subsidiary or central office, it is 20% cheaper.
The free months of consultancy are welcome gravy.

Luis Panozzo (Lp)
Technology Manager
Elmatica AS
Skype: luispanozzo

On 2 January 2015 at 17:12, Stephen Mack <> wrote:
This is why I like the forum software, I can edit my mistakes.  In my example odoo is actually slightly more expensive for a small business

It was 15€ x users x modules or 90€ a month for 3 users with 2 modules.  That is 1080€ a year before 10% discount for paying in advance (972€).

I guess I just never calculated what a small business would cost for the SaaS solution.

The real savings come from medium size business.  Their example of 10 users with 4 modules

Before 6500€ and now 2800€

Oh well... decisions...

On Fri, Jan 2, 2015 at 12:55 PM, Stephen Mack <> wrote:
Odoo's new pricing structure is almost making it impossible to resist for small businesses.  I had always planned on hosting my own Odoo solution but now for 1000€ a year (3 users with 2 modules [CRM/Sales & Website/eCommerce]) it's almost too good to resist.  Considering before the same solution cost 6500€ for 3 users with 2 modules.

1) They host my server
2) They backup my server
3) They answer my questions, resolve my problems.
4) They upgrade my software
5) I get access to v9 functionality before v9 is released.
6) If I want another module it's only 200€ a year extra (regardless of the number of users)

I sound like a paid advertiser, however I am just surprised.  And now I am really considering their SaaS offering.  Am I missing the downside?

Honestly full hosting solution would cost me less than 50€ a year so they are making good money above a generic hosting company.  They already give away the software.  So basically I am considering is paying 1000€ worth the hours I would need to run and maintain my own small server... I think so, well done Odoo.

Comments anyone...


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