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Re: contribute to core addons - OCA or odoo directory?

Pedro M. Baeza
- 01/02/2015 04:10:23
Hi, Gunnar,

Current rules are:
  • Put a issue on expressing the problem that your PR is going to solve.
  • Make a PR against this branch to let Odoo the opportunity of solving the issue in upstream.
  • Make another PR against with the same patch refering the issue and PR of upstream.
  • Changes to the DB layout are not allowed,


2015-01-02 5:13 GMT+01:00 Gunnar Wagner <>:

I want to contribute something to a core addons of odoo. I am using the OCB 8.0 branch.
Should I point my PR the OCB/OCA or the odoo/odoo directory? If it's up to my priority I'll choose OCA


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