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Re: NoumberFour AG :: Serious Competitor

redCOR AG, robert rottermann
- 12/31/2014 02:40:40
On 30.12.2014 21:02, Mario Arias wrote:
> Sorry, but we can not talk about going mainstream and global if we are not 
> able to provide such basic elements like accurate "today sales report" because 
> of timezone problems...
> Or just say "POS is not compatible with Anglo Saxon Accounting" and close 
> reported issues...
> Odoo's biggest contender right now is itself...  There are so many "small" 
> ignored or pending issues affecting Odoo... Ask any customer if they prefer a 
> pretty web site or accurate accounting reports that don't change output data 
> if you create them in the morning or late in the evening...
> Focus more on fixing these issues, and less in comparing to others, and that 
> market will be ours...   ;-)
I agree from the depths of my heart,

I am new to odoo, but I am an old hand programming for a python based cms 
framework (zope/plone) that is killing itself by
creating lots of nice new features and not fixing old usability and structural