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Re: NoumberFour AG :: Serious Competitor

OpusVL, Stuart J Mackintosh
- 12/30/2014 05:41:35
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But our main challenge is much bigger. We need to move forward quickly to be the first to crack the SME equation and reach the other 80% of the market. The first product that will succeed will explode and become mainstream.

I think this is the key point, history tells us that it is not the technically best product that becomes mainstream, but the one that gets excellent market coverage, is able to win hearts and minds, and has stickyness. The opportunity at stake is for a global market, but every client who invests will make their decision at a very local level based on services available.

Unlike web browsers, office apps and online storage, an ERP system needs local support and consultancy skills to implement well and ensure the client gets the best value out of it.
The large players have failed to capture the SME space as they made disproportionate revenues from the larger players so did not need to look for further markets and is now too late to adapt (unless they buy their way in). Xero etc are relatively simple so although are easy to implement, will never provide the depth and value that an ERP can.

The winner of the mainstream market will be whoever can maintain a network of local, capable and professional ERP consultants, keep strong community support and remain Open Source, and operate a workable business model to afford the marketing, promotional and supporting services.

This is a lot to balance, and Odoo may be leading the way just now but it must maintain engagement of partners and the community.



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