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Offline, asynchronous sales

Felipe Scarel
- 12/29/2014 11:18:52
Hello all,

I'm looking into Odoo as a possible solution for a customer of mine, for sales and inventory management. Since I didn't find (at least, not visibly) a link to search on list archives, I'm asking here.

This customer has his salesmen travel around, to different cities even, and sell products. It's not guaranteed that they'll have Internet access in remote locations. Are there any modules or addons that would enable the salesmen to sell products "offline", and later on perform a synchronization step with the main DB of the Odoo system for consistency?

I don't know if such a feature exists, but I imagine it'd work like this:
  • User downloads a current state of the Odoo DB with the relevant information (client lists, products, warehouse availability, etc.); alternatively, a cached copy exists. I'm aware this most likely entails the user having a full-blown Odoo installation locally.
  • User goes to a remote area, is now offline.
  • User makes a sale, data is updated locally (of course, some data could already be inconsistent, especially product availability).
  • User goes online, synchronizes with main Odoo DB; sales are uploaded, and inventory is updated accordingly.

Is there any addon that provides this kind of functionality? Thanks in advance for any input.

Kind regards,

Felipe Scarel
Information Security and Infrastructure Consultant
Phone: (+55)(61)91297200