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Questions about packaging, Lots, logistic units, .....

- 12/28/2014 09:02:23
Dear All, 
Hope you guys had great holidays,
I really have some questions that I need simple short and direct answer :
	1- What is the worlds packaging referring to in Odoo v.8.
	2- What is the difference between logistic unit and packaging, isn’t sometimes confusing in the views to what they’re referring to?
       3- I know this question has been asked many many times in the community I still didn’t grab the concept, the difference between the quant and lot number. not in term of the usage but in term of traceability (i.e is there difference to trace the lot number and to trace with the quants.
       4- What the preferred package field in stock move is used for ( I tested some stuffs on it and it made just more confused that i was before)