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Re: Barcode Interface customization

XPANSA, Oleg Kuryan - Chief Technical Officer, Xpansa Group
- 12/27/2014 05:08:06

Hi Lesly,

This interface is designed using qweb and Java script. In order to add new fields you  will need to extend on Rob needed templates that are specified here

Also if you will need to add some dynamic functionality for those fields,  you will also need to extend Java script. Default Java script is available here

PS. I see more and more questions are coming about warehouse and barcode scanner. So might be interesting for everybody that we developed solution that is integrated with Motorola MC40 and Motorola MC3200 hardware scanners. It was launched on production previous Monday. Also it works fine not only with hardware scanner, but with Android phones and tablets as it is based on mERP

Attaching a few screenshots,  that I have just made from my mobile phone while on the road.

- Oleg


We are using the barcode interface for warehouse management with few tablets (iPad and Android).

We need to get all information about the parcel within the barcode interface on the tablet. 

Today, we have only the WH/OUT/XX number and the products to put in the cart.

Tomorrow, we'll need to show the Partner information (supplier name or customer name with shipping address), the Sales Order number and the Sales Order Description/Reference.

Do you know how we could customize the barcode interface view to add some information regarding the Sale Order ?

Thanks for your help and merry christmas. 
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