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Re: Using the website builder for stock request.

Antony Lesuisse (al)
- 12/22/2014 17:09:54
Yes it's possible

1 as module:

- create a view with a form listing every product.
- create a controller handling the POST reply and creating a stock.picking.

2 as customization

- same as 1
- create a server action for handling the POST


Product Current stock Delivery
. . ir.actions.server B2B Create Delivery Order True code form_data = request.params user_obj = pool['res.users'] location_obj = pool['stock.location'] product_obj = pool['product.product'] picking_obj = pool['stock.picking'] response = None is_user = user_obj.has_group(cr, uid, 'base.group_user') if not is_user: response ="website_b2b.401") elif form_data: CREATE a stock.picking base on additional_%d for user_obj.partner_id On 12/21/2014 12:43 AM, John Pia Jr wrote: > It is possible to use the website builder or the POS to build an Interface > that will allow my users to make stock requests? > > Or what may be a better question is, can I configure the website builder to > carryout actions on the back end? > > What I am hoping to do is build an interface that will allow my users to log > in and select from a list (with images) of various housekeeping items, and the > available stock. The users would be able to submit a request to reserve the > stock, which would then just create a draft stock move that the inventory > clerk would approve/transfer or deny. > > That ksk in advanced > > _______________________________________________ > Mailing-List: > Post to: > Unsubscribe: >