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Re: Question on model and price

- 12/22/2014 14:57:21
Hello Eva

I have one product for example but this product can be declined in B2C or B2B with not the same reference/model and with options (with other reference/model)

For the same product

customers categories

Product name : MyproductName
Model : RF-123456
Price : 100 €

Reseller 1 categories

Product name : MyproductName
Model : RESF-123456
Price : 30€

Reseller 2 categories
Product name : MyproductName
Model : RESF3-123456
Price : 15€

For every categories B2B  and customers B2C, I can have options with MyproductName

Option 1 for MyproductName
Model : OPT1-13213
Name of my option  :  MyProductsOptionName 1
Price : + 2€

Option 2 for MyproductName
Model : OPT1-14444
Name of my option  :  MyProductsOptionName 2
Price : - 2€

I hope I am more clear.

loïc Richard

2014-12-22 14:43 GMT-05:00 Eva Pinter <>:

Hello Loic,

Can you be clearer in your description. Do you have multiple "supplier" for one product? is this what you mean?

For the options, is it a separate product that you bundle or it is a variant of the first product?

Eva P.

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On 22 Dec 2014, at 14:27, Loïc Richard <> wrote:


I wish to create for one product this element:
My main product has a model (REF-123456) and price (100€)

On the same product I can Have :
A model and price for my reseller  (RS-12345) and price (50 €)
Of course I can have several reseller

On every product I can have options with a model and price (OPT-123456) and (2€)
Of course for one product I can have several options also.

How to do that in Odoo ?


Loïc Richard

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