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Re: Transportation management

Open For Small Business Ltd, Graeme Gellatly
- 12/21/2014 22:27:57
We did this.  All we did was add a few extra fields to stock journal, like Driver, Truck, Trailer, Mileage, Total Weight, Longest Item, Date etc.  Then you just assign a delivery to a load.  A bit of workflow so it says deliveries are in transit, and then automatically process them on return.  For each order it just gets a sequence number, and prints in that order on the dispatch manifest.  Very simple module, just a new model for vehicles, plus our trucks often backload, so a couple of one2many's on stock.picking.

But it is a v6.0 module, just testing on 7.0 at moment and won't be 8.0 for another 12 months or so until we are sure most of the the stock and other 8.0 bugs have been identified and squashed.

On Wed, Dec 17, 2014 at 3:05 AM, John Pia Jr <> wrote:

Hello community,

My company operates its own transportation fleet of 30 trucks and 30 trailera, and in doing so, we deliver about 80% of our sales to our customers using our own fleet.

Each of these trucks travel about 3,000 miles per trip, all originating from our headquarters. A trip is considered round trip travel from our headquarters to the furthest cutomer location on that truck, and then back to the headquarters. There could be up to 20 stops per truck, per trip. Each of these stops would represent a different customer, which would represent one (or more) orders per customer.

The above process is pretty standard when it comes to transportation outside your normal carriers (ups FedEx dhl)

I was wondering if anybody has experience managing the transportation aspect of their operation with Odoo, and how do/ are you going about it.

I need to be able to capture the driver's name, the truck number, the trailer number, the final destination, the mileage before the truck leaves, and when the truck returns, and a variety of other items associated to the transportation portion of the transaction.

In addition I need the ability to organize all of the various items which will be in packs (pallets) in a specific manner on the truck so that I can load the truck last in first out.

I don't necessarily require the organization of the packs (pallet) in the truck to be automated, I just need the ability to organize them (manually) and identify them.

My first guess was to use the picking wave concept, with some slight modifications to handle salea orders rather than stock moves. This will allow me to bring in multiple orders which I then would be able to pull in relative products.

This is all theory and I'm sure that others in the community have run into this issue in the past.

I am eager to hear any feedback.

Thank you

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