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Basic configuration guide to Odoo v8

Stephen Mack
- 12/20/2014 07:48:39
Hello community,

I would like to put together and publish a beginners guide to configuring Odoo v8.  Things that people should know who may be using Odoo for the first time.  Things like:
  • Setting the master language
  • Setting the System's timezone
  • Accessing advance menus
  • Entering developer mode
  • Importance of configuring company settings before installing modules
Would you be willing to send me your configuration procedures or tips and I will work to put them together into a unified document that I will post on the odoo forums and as a text document in this mailing list.  

If the OCA wishes a copy to post on their website that would be fine as well.

I have about 6 months exposure to Odoo and have been reading daily to try to understand this beast of an application and it would be nice if there were some documents for first time users.

Thank you in advance to all who are willing to share their knowledge.