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Re: Community modules in Odoo online

Eva Pinter
- 12/19/2014 21:34:51

As far as I know, you can import data modules into the SAAS. At least, this was the claim of Odoo.

The reason why they cannot support a system containing community modules is really clear. They would need to analyse every single community module first, run all the tests on them to make sure it is absolutely compatible with all the standard modules and these are very high costs with >3000 modules of all size and quality. 

Most SAAS providers would allow you to add community modules, but they will have the restriction of you paying for the testing and the correction of the community module as well.

Think about using OCA fully tested modules, as they go through a higher quality control than many other available modules.

Good luck!
Eva P.

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On 20 Dec 2014, at 01:52, Tristan Pittard <> wrote:

Thanks for the reply Gunnar.  

I do mean the official saas version.  The version hosted by Odoo that you sign up for on their website and pay Odoo to use.

I was told by an Odoo representative that you could install and use community modules, but doing so would negate any support provided by Odoo, however I have not found any evidence to support this claim.  I was wondering if anyone knew something that I was missing.


On Dec 19, 2014, at 6:17 PM, Gunnar Wagner <> wrote:

On 12/20/2014 6:17 AM, Tristan Pittard wrote:
> Is there a way to use/install community modules in the online version 
> of Odoo?
I guess you need to specify 'online version'. If you mean the official 
saas version I'd say the answer is "no, you just can't"

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