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Re: bom configuration

- 12/19/2014 18:29:42
On 19/12/2014 20:02, Eva Pinter wrote:
> Can you please explain to me how I can access the requirements for this
> module, as I have a few customers requiring this type of configuration.
> I am not a developer, so I can only read documentation and/or do
> testing. But I wish to support you as good as I can on this very module.

+1. Can you give us more information about what should be done with your 
modules ?
I quickly watched the code but I'm not sure I understand well what your 
module do.
Correct me if I'm wrong. I understand you have BoM defined in external 
system (MRP tool, other ERP…) that allows you to serialized these BoMs 
to JSON. Your modules allows Odoo to get this JSON data and to 
de-serialized the BoM in Sales / Purchase / MRP in Odoo.



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