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Re: Installed Odoo URL unavailable in China

Eric Caudal (Odoo Community Association)
- 12/18/2014 18:32:59
Hi Ray,
There is no way to tell when and whether you are gonna be blocked.
Nevertheless, for sure one thing you need to have is what is called ICP-Beihan, which is a registration certificate of your website.
It needs to be done to the Chinese government to approve your website.
Without this certificate, you might be blocked. With it, in principle (and if you follow the Chinese Internet rules) you might not be blocked.
Strategy to avoid blockade: change IP or change your DNS provider. Other than that it is difficult to bypass.

Hope this helps

2014-12-19 0:56 GMT+08:00 Ray Carnes <>:
Does anyone have any insight into how to tell if a system or website in China is being blocked?

We have a Digital Ocean Virtual Server hosted in San Francisco that is accessible from the USA in several locations but unreachable from China and are wondering how to troubleshoot.

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