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Announcing AdSpike

Fabien Pinckaers
- 12/18/2014 17:34:02


We just launched a new service based on Odoo to optimize Google AdWords campains:

We developed a series of algorithms to improve your AdWords campains: CPC optimization, reaching long tails with more keywords, smart budget optimization, 404 link checks...

AdSpike is part of our efforts to bring new marketing apps in Odoo for version 9. Others app that are coming soon:
  - an improved forum with social network integration
  - new call-to-actions for landing pages
  - call-to-actions for other pages (eg. a bounceexchange clone...)
  - a much better mass mailing app (new email designer, more stats)
  - a tracking system from visitors to invoice (even before visitors become leads)
  - a rule based scoring system for leads (inspired by kissmetrics)
  - an open source slideshare clone (share presentations, videos, docs)
  - a form builder
  - a versioning and A\B testing tool for CMS
  - better SEO with promote adapted to languages
  - a link shortener and tracker ( integrated with UTM and stats)

We mostly invest in building marketing apps for v9 because we need them for ourselves. Marketing is the next challenge of Odoo (we have a great product, know it's time to spread the word)

Let us know if you have ideas on how we can bring more visitors to Odoo, we turn it into an App:)