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multi-company setup with a virtual 'mother-company'

gunnar wagner
- 12/18/2014 03:38:41
I would like to understand whether my basic multi-company setup is ok

I actually have 2 physical companies that (at a later stage) will have separate accounting. As all users have to be able to manage both companies issues I have setup a (virtual) mother company which has two same level children (my physical companies)
The virtual 'mother will not have any physical accounting as it only is there to organize access inside of Odoo. All odoo users are users of 'mother', so they can 'see' and handle all child companies issues.
Employees will be setup to the physical company which is paying the salaries. Does that sound like a reasonable sane setup?

What I am not really clear about whether it is a problem to have an Employee in 'child-1' which has  a related odoo-user which is 'mother'. I do not get any error message setting up such a construction.


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