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Re: How to configure stock moves between two warehouses into the multi-company environment?????

Eva Pinter
- 12/18/2014 03:35:38
Hello Mihir Shah,

If the two companies are two legal entities, in most countries, it is mandatory to have a purchase/sales process in order to move stock from one company to the other. For this, you will have to define a special price list with the transfer price (that is different from the standard sales price for customers).

You may explore the pull/push rules to achieve your goals and automate part of the tasks, but i’m not sure...

Good luck!
Eva P.

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On 18 Dec 2014, at 07:23, mihir shah <> wrote:


I have a senario, there is a parent comapny A , and two child compnay B and compnay C, they have there own charts of accounts configure.

Now i have created Warehouse for compnay B and company C and have there own stock location.

I have to move stock from Warehouse B to wearhouse C.

Is it possible in odoo8, or is there a customize module to accompllish the above task.???


Mihir Shah

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