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Re: How works the stock min

Federico Manuel Echeverri Choux
- 12/17/2014 21:23:49


And you need to define at least one supplier.


On Dec 17, 2014 4:34 PM, "Eva Pinter" <> wrote:

Hello Loic,

The way it works is the following:

You define a reordering rule saying: a) What is the minimum quantity you will have in stock to create a proposal of replenishment b) What is the maximum quantity you want to have in stock when replenished c) in multiple of how many do you replenish.

So, you have the scheduler that runs either on demand or automatically. The scheduler will check the status of each product for which you have a reordering rule. If you have more in stock than the minimum, considering already reserved stock, nothing happens. If you have less in stock than the minimum, considering the reserved stock, then the system will check what is already ordered. He may then create a replenishment proposal so that the forecast quantity (considering existing replenishment orders) not higher is as the maximum indicated.

Good luck!

Eva P.

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On 17 Dec 2014, at 17:48, Loïc Richard <> wrote:


I don't understand exactly in the warehouse how works the min quantity.

To create a min qty, I must go in reordering rules. In fields product bame, we can see the same product model, not one but some with the same reference

I wish know how you do, concerning this point and to insert min qty inside odoo for one reference.

Thank you

Loïc Richard

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