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Re: How works the stock min

Ahmed Shaaban
- 12/17/2014 14:41:42

Hi loic,,

First you should define your product as stackable(from product form)

Then, go to reorder point and enter "min quantity"

The system will fire purchase order 'if the product 'make to buy'  or fire manufacturing order (if the product will be manufactured), you can configure it from product form.

I hope that I can answer your question, if else I will send you more detail.

Best Regards,

On 17 Dec 2014 19:40, "Loïc Richard" <> wrote:

I don't understand exactly in the warehouse how works the min quantity.

To create a min qty, I must go in reordering rules. In fields product bame, we can see the same product model, not one but some with the same reference

I wish know how you do, concerning this point and to insert min qty inside odoo for one reference.

Thank you

Loïc Richard

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