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Re: Identifying products to consume by lot number in manufacturing order

- 12/14/2014 09:51:15
Isn't it easier to let the system assign the lot, the product, the 
location and everything ?
It seems v8 can do that in standard, we're investigating this feature 
four our own food factory.
It has the big advantage of enforcing consumption rules like FEFO (first 
expired, first out).

Le 13/12/2014 02:47, John Pia Jr a écrit :
> All,
> I would like the ability to identify my products to be consumed 
> (ingredients) by entering the lot number rather than a specific product.
> Because we are in the food business, we need to trace all of our 
> products through manufacturing, and to do so we 9 times out of 10 
> reference a lot number.
> My thought is to use a barcode printed on a pallet of product with the 
> related lot # of the pallet (for us each pallet is a lot). The 
> operator would pick the pallet and once scan the lot barcode, which 
> would auto magically select the product as and identify the related 
> product.
> I know there are a few mobile apps out there, not sure if they do 
> anything like this.
> Any and all feedback is welcome.
> Thanks
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