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Re: Make to order business case design problem V8

AVANZOSC, S.L, Ana Juaristi Olalde
- 12/13/2014 06:32:02

Hi everybody

Mentioned issue has got a very easy way to be solved. The one one said by Fabien would be valid for sure but there would be still a lack of functionality since button check availability is not shown by standar in movement itself but only in pickings. On the other side unreserve is shown on movement but not on picking itself.
For last.. There is no way to manually assing a quant to a movement without using automatic calculation. You could want assing a quant with no rule at all so..
In odoomrp project we added 2 new modules that cover required functionality. I invite openerpmaster to test them and see if they cover what he needs.
They are stock_move_check_availability and stock_move_manual_assignement

In a few days we will start moving modules from odoomrp branches to oca projects branches so they will be easier to find for everybody who wants to test. Meantime you can find more than 80 new modules extending odoo on github odoomrp-wip branches. Notice is wip branch even if all published modules can be used as they are.

I also would ask Fabien and Odoo team to take a look to our usability branch were we included several menus, filters, groups built to make easier the user experience on backend. We think they should be included directly in core for new versions. Just an idea...
At the end... Thak you odoo. This v8 version is so powerfull that we are again on the road to figth with any other existant erp-cms-crm on market. It rocks.

El 13/12/2014 09:12, "Fabien Pinckaers" <> escribió:

The code of Odoo V8 has been made so that it's easy to extend and add a procurement method. If I remember well, you just have one small method to overwrite if you want another procurement method than fifo.

Then, just add a "First In Full filled First Out" or "Biggest Fulfilled First Out".

On Dec 13, 2014 8:53 AM, "OpenERP Master" <> wrote:
My customer does a make to order sales order over 70% of the time, meaning that they sell product that they do not carry stock. They order this product from the manufacturer after the customer pays. Once it is received it is shipped to the customer.

At first I praise the new procurement design over previous versions, now I think it could be trouble. See the following business case for V8.

Customer orders item A at 3 quantity (make to order)
Different Customer orders item A at 2 quantity (make to order)
*Note the order in which the orders were placed, this is important

quotation purchase order is created for 5 quantity. Business confirms they need 5 units to fulfill both orders.

Vendor only sends 2 quantity.

in Odoo, when we received the 2 sent quantity it is assigned to the first order (FIFO) (Customer ordered 3), but this is not sufficient quantity to fulfill the order, however the second order placed the quantity would be sufficient.

This business wants to ship what can ship complete, not necessarily what came in first.

Problem: There appears to be no way to support assigning product to a delivery order based on its ability to completely fulfill. Furthermore, the delivery becomes split into 2 lines. the 2 quantity that is available as reserved, the other quantity of 1 as waiting other operation. I do not like this behavior.

Secondary problem: The business wants to cancel the availability on the delivery order that Odoo assigned the inventory to and assign it to the order that can be fulfilled complete (Qty 2). This appears not possible. If you cancel the reservation, there is no way to assign the availability to the other order without clicking force availability. IMO, even if it is a M2O, and there is sufficient stock and a user requests an availability check, it should check the warehouse for available inventory.

Additionally, once you cancel the availability on a received make to order, it never reassigns availability, and subsequent requests to check availability or running schedulers does not re-assign the canceled inventory. The only way to get past this is to force availability. IMO there is a pretty big issue here, but these are some case scenarios perhaps not many people have.

Looking for some feedback.

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