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product_brand > v8 > testing on OCA runbot

gunnar wagner
- 12/13/2014 00:13:20

I wanted to see whether the OCA Module product_brand ( is working in OCB-8.
cloned it (--branch 7.0) added it wo my addons_path and installed it sucessfully in OCB-8.

You can define brands now and connect them to contacts. But that is it. Seems you can't assign a brand to a product now, neither can you see in the contact view which brand this contact has.
Now, I'd like to know: is this Module just not what I assumed it was, or is it just not working 'as is' in v8 yet and a porting procedure is necessary?
In order to do so I'd like to know what it is supposed to do (the to things mentioned above would be something I'd expect such a Module to do, but who knows what the developer wanted it to do) in 7.0.

Now finally I come to the point: how can I check what a 7.0 Module does in OCB-7 when I do not have a OCB-7 installed?
I though that the OCA runbot ( was supposed to provide such a testing environmont but when I start the 7.0 machine (which is marked with thumb down by the way) I can not locate product_brand. Actually in 2 out of 3 attempts it didn't run properly). So: am I on the wrong track here regarding what a runbot is supposed to be used for, or is it just not quite ready to go?


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