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Re: Prices incl VAT in ecommerce and POS

El Aleman, David Arnold
- 12/12/2014 10:14:11
Hi Fabien

I'm not sure if my suggestion, I already tried to make in various occasions made it to you.

It is simple and removes all the complexity from tax included / tax excluded.

Here we go:

- We are on a line item.
- We have several taxes.
-> clicking on one tax toggles included/excluded indicating it's status by a visual scheme.

- On the tax itself we set it's default application (wheather it's by default included/excluded)
- On the product we always set the price according to how the company configured their included/excluded defaults. (1.99 is 99,999% retail so tax included, so (almost) no problem)
- Option 1: On the line level, we have three fields Price/Unit-TaxesEXCLUDED (is calculated based on product price and the included/excluded default of the applicable taxesthe  & Price/Unit-TaxesINCLUDED & Linetotal-TaxesINCLUDED

Through the toggle function it get's easier to registe purchases and through the clear definition of the three columns on the line level, things get clearar. Right now the last column has a double function according to weather taxes are included or not, this is awkward. 

Option 2: If we want to save a column, there is this alternative:

Price/Unit LineTotal (both can be tax inlcuded/excluded)
-> The behaviour is steered by the toggleing of the tax tags... on toggle, values are updated inplace.

my 2 cents


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2014-12-12 9:57 GMT-05:00 Markus Schneider <>:
1.645 * 1.21 = 1.99€

it is total unclear why in odoo you can not have more digits on unit
price and internal accounting.
You only need to round to two digits on invoice final price.

SAP can do this ;) sorryOdoo, it will not work for telefon and oil industrie

On 12.12.2014 14:03, Fabien Pinckaers wrote:
> This can not work. Example, in belgium (21% vat):
> Suppose a retail price of 1.99€  (including tax).
> You can not manage the prices with tax excluded because:
>   - 1.64€ * 1.21 = 1.98€
>   - 1.65€ * 1.21 = 2.00€
> If you manage prices with tax excluded, it's impossible to have a 1.99€
> price with tax included. A show that works with prices including taxes
> must manage prices including taxes.

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